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Oyster launches new website for Vaxtor, specialists in Licence Plate Recognition and OCR technology


Create a new website to promote Vaxtor’s niche technologies 

Vaxtor is a world leader in optical character recognition (OCR) and licence plate recognition technologies, however the company’s website was out of date and difficult to find online. Vaxtor recognised they had a problem and tasked Oyster with creating an informative new website that effectively showcases what they do, with the aim of raising their profile online.


An impactful website that clearly communicates the benefits of Vaxtor technology and its many applications

Oyster took the time to understand Vaxtor’s business, its competitors and its customers before coming up with three different design concepts for the new website, all developed with search engine optimisation in mind. Vaxtor opted for a simple and straightforward yet striking concept, adopting large hero images and clean, effective icons, with the use of case studies to clearly communicate the benefits of its technologies and demonstrate their many different industry applications. The inclusion of subtle java script animation gave the site a sophisticated, modern feel that underpinned the technological nature of Vaxtor’s product offering. The site also included a password-protected area so partners could access manuals and download software. Vaxtor wanted a future-proof solution, and the new website was designed to be extremely flexible, so Vaxtor can easily add new products and content as its technologies evolve.

[NB: Vaxtor’s website is global and they opted to use the US spelling of ‘license’, whereas in this case study we refer to ‘licence’.]

Oyster has helped us create a new website that is vastly different from the site we had before. The project involved a great deal of internal discussion to decide the best way to showcase our technologies and Oyster patiently held our hand and guided us through the entire process. We’re delighted with the end result. It’s great to see that in the two-month period since launch, our new website generated double the number of page views – and that’s before Oyster has finished search engine optimising the site. We couldn’t be happier!”



In the two months since its launch, the website has achieved a 100% increase in page views

The new website went live at the end of February 2021 and in the two-month period since its launch, it has already achieved an increase in page views of over 100% compared to the previous 2-month period, as well as the same 2-month period the year before.

Oyster is now implementing a programme of search engine optimisation for the website content, by developing the client’s original text, and we expect to see a further improvement in these results, and in Vaxtor’s Google/Bing search engine rankings for all key terms, once this exercise has been completed.

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+37% website visitors
+39% new users
+100% page views
+46% sessions

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