The Timber Group Google Advertising

How we increased sales for a timber merchant by over £163,000


Generating new business during the Covid-19 lockdown

The Timber Group approached Oyster for help to expand their online presence and increase web sales as cost effectively as possible during lockdown. Their product offerings range from fence panels, sleepers and decking, to general building materials such as joists and plywood, and the pandemic had created two opportunities for them. Firstly, the majority of the nation had an abundance of time at home so many people embarked on new home improvement and DIY projects. Secondly, because of supply chain issues with their competitors, The Timber Group had plenty of stock when other merchants did not. They saw this as an opportunity to generate new business both from private individuals but also from trade customers who were having to shop around instead of going to their normal supplier.


Google Advertising, Social Media Marketing & SEO

After first taking the time to better understand their business, Oyster came up with a plan involving Google and Facebook advertising and SEO consultancy to raise awareness of The Timber Group, get them to page 1 of relevant Google search results, drive traffic to the website and generate online sales.

We chose Google Ads as it is a quick and efficient way to target people searching for timber-related search terms and to ensure The Timber Group appeared on page 1 of relevant search results. Our Google Advertising campaign targeted areas centred around each of the Timber Group’s branches including Ascot, Maidstone, High Wycombe, Hoddesdon and Clapham.

We also developed a carousel ad for Facebook which we used in two ways. Firstly retargeting people that had visited the site but had not converted on the first visit. Secondly targeting people living in the immediate vicinity of each branch with an interest in DIY and gardening or who worked as carpenters and builders.

Finally, we provided The Timber Group with SEO consultancy to give them clear guidance on how to improve their organic search rankings for key terms.


The generation of over £163,000!

During the pandemic, The Timber Group has seen a significant increase in new trade customer accounts being opened as well as a large increase in B2C customer sales. To date, Google Ads campaigns have been extremely successful and generated a return on ad spend (ROAS) of 6.26 and over £163,000 in incremental revenue. The initial Facebook test campaign generated an impressive ROAS of 14.81 and £14,858 in incremental revenue.

After carefully tracking and analysing our initial Google Ads and Facebook campaign results, we have been able to make adjustments to divert more of the budget to people who are more likely to make a purchase to further improve The Timber Group’s ROAS. In this case, Google Ads increased sales in particular.

Our SEO consultancy is also starting to pay off and, at time of writing, The Timber Group has climbed 252 places on Google and 125 places on Bing. The effect of this has been an increase in organic traffic to the website of 202.8% and resulting estimated sales of £48,000. This is a very encouraging start, but there is plenty of work to do in the coming months.

Following the success of the initial Google Ads campaign, we have recently introduced Google Shopping, enabling customers to see the product they are searching for and the price upfront. This further increases The Timber Group’s online presence and complements the Google text ads to help them reach more potential customers.

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40,500 clicks
861,962 impressions
524 website purchases
£163,000+ in new sales
+252 places on Google
+125 places on Bing
6.26 ROAS


1,670 clicks
155,500 impressions
52 website purchases
£14,858+ in new sales
14.81 ROAS