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Developing an integrated B2B marketing campaign for Mitsubishi Electric


To develop an integrated B2B marketing campaign for Mitsubishi Electric

Oyster supported Mitsubishi Electric in the design and deployment of an integrated B2B marketing campaign promoting the value of specialist service contracts to the food & beverage manufacturing sector. The key challenge was to break down resistance within the target audience to the idea that these contracts could be provided by a single supplier. With production lines comprising a multitude of different machine types from different vendors it had long been perceived that no single supplier had the expertise and experience to service these complex manufacturing lines.


Striking imagery and engaging headlines brought the campaign to life

Following a review of the division’s business objectives we prepared a selection of creative solutions and developed a mixed channel campaign to target the appropriate individuals within the target audience. The theme of the campaign focused on the ease and benefits of multi-vendor support offered by Mitsubishi Electric and how this minimises automation downtime for customers. The messaging was further underpinned by conveying the client’s expertise and was delivered through stand-out food-themed imagery and engaging headlines.

The campaign comprised print and digital trade press advertising, direct mail, e-shots and a social media programme built around a relevant white paper – The True Cost of Downtime. A bespoke microsite with a dedicated URL was provided for data capture and this was followed up with telemarketing activity to qualify leads and keep the sales team informed of new prospects. 


An integrated B2B marketing campaign that achieved exceptional results

The campaign was highly successful for Mitsubishi Electric, generating a great deal of interest and a significant increase in the level of in-bound sales enquiries. The creative content was strong, and the campaign focused on a number of different channels to optimise the chances of reaching the target audience, actively encouraging them to engage with the direct mail piece, e-shots and social media posts. 

Oyster continues to support Mitsubishi Electric with marketing and creative services on both a campaign and ad hoc basis.

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