Moog Marketing Brochure

Precision control marketing brochure for Moog


To develop a high impact marketing brochure to showcase Moog’s range of precision control solutions in the UK.

American engineering giant Moog approached Oyster to breathe new life into its outdated brochure in order to highlight its niche precision control solutions to the UK market.

The objective was to create an eye-catching brochure that clearly communicates Moog’s products and engineering expertise, while also incorporating case studies to demonstrate how Moog’s technologies have been implemented to solve complicated and often critical problems.


Dramatic imagery, bespoke icons and interesting case studies were used to bring the marketing brochure to life.

Moog has an incredibly impressive track record when it comes to developing high performance control systems for Formula 1 racing cars and autonomous robots, as well as special engineered solutions for high profile projects such as Wimbledon’s retractable roof, yet the average person has quite probably never heard of Moog or its involvement in these projects. We wanted the brochure to celebrate Moog’s achievements and position the company as a leader in the field.

Our original brief was to develop a 12-page brochure, but we persuaded Moog to increase the page count to 20 pages, enabling us to introduce more space and large, eye-catching imagery. This allowed us to create a more appealing marketing brochure that also shows the depth of the solutions and adheres to Moog’s strict brand guidelines. As part of the brief, we developed a number of simple bespoke icons to convey different market sectors, applications and capabilities at a glance.

The team at Oyster worked with us to rapidly transform our tired traditional brochure into a reimagined capabilities brochure, providing us with oodles of fresh content to help us reach out to our customer and target base.

Rebecca Gunn, Content Marketing Specialist, Moog Industrial Group


An impactful marketing brochure that celebrates Moog’s impressive track record in Formula 1 and other prestigious projects.

The end result is a striking and informative brochure that brings Moog’s engineering expertise to life in a clear and succinct way. The client is delighted with the marketing brochure and plans to use it as a tool to expand Moog’s customer base in the UK and as a call to action across social media platforms.

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