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To create informative and eye-catching animated product videos that can be used as exhibition displays as well as product presentations

Piller Power Systems tasked Oyster to create a series of animated videos that could be used across different channels. The first was to be the main focus of their exhibition stand at an Airports & Aviation show, detailing a new product concept that needed to be visualised within its operating environment in order to generate interest and stimulate sales enquiries. Since the product was at concept stage it was only possible to use CGI animation to demonstrate its key functionality and benefits.

The follow-on video highlighted existing products Piller produce for the naval and marine markets. This lent itself to animation because of the sensitive nature of the products as well as the cost and logistical problems of shooting live footage. Due to the nature of the audience, the video also had to be technically exacting and carefully directed.


High quality 3D animated movies that effectively promote the client’s products

Once the aims of each of the movies had been established, storyboards were drawn up to detail each scene, the key messaging, the level detail to be shown and how long each scene should last. Camera positions were indicated, with segways to the following scenes. Once these were approved by the client, we began to build the storyboards using 3D modelling software. CAD files of products were converted into 3D models with extra layers of detail and textures applied for added realism. As the product in the first movie was a new concept, refinements were needed to generate realism and add certain functionality that had not yet been implemented in the CAD file.

The environments were then created – in the first instance, an entire airport with aircraft and baggage handling carts – in the second, a port with dockyard, a naval ships and submarine.

Test renders were then produced for the client to demonstrate the levels of detail, textures and lighting effects that were achievable. Following from this, individual scenes were generated in low resolution to show animation and camera movement. Once we had the complete set, these scenes were edited together using post production software. Extra layers of effects, captioning and lighting were added. This was then exported to video and proofed to the client for their feedback.

With content amendments implemented, we were then able to start rendering each scene in high resolution. The deadline for each movie was extremely tight which meant we had to render through the night to produce all of the individual scenes. The framework – already created in Adobe After Effects – was converted to accommodate the new files and tweaks to the animation were implemented to ensure smooth transitions between scenes. Further levels of visual effects were added to polish the final version and full HD video was exported and proofed to the client. Due to the exacting groundwork set out in the initial storyboards, only minimal alterations were needed. This allowed the final videos to be produced on time and on budget.


3D product animations to showcase the customer’s products around the world in a quick and engaging manner

Animated video content allows you to get a precise and often complex message across in a short space of time. Using engaging graphics captures the viewers’ attention, ensuring the message is easily understood. These videos were centrepieces to the client’s exhibition stands and shown on LED screens over 3m wide. With our dedicated in-house team, we were able to meet tight deadlines and produce content that really wowed! Versions of these videos were produced for social media and to be shown on both YouTube and LinkedIn. The success of these projects has led to further requests for product movies to be produced in the same manner.

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