Go Jump In


“We have worked with Oyster for 12 months on developing our social and PPC results to drive more direct sales into our parks. We started with a goal of £1 spend creates an ROI of £2. The results from team Oyster have by far exceeded these initial goals with recent overall results 16 times spend [Update: this figure was 71.92 times in August 2020]. This was one of our great success stories in 2019. We continue to test, measure and learn from the campaigns and fully expect even greater results in 2020. This is without a doubt one of our top 2 marketing mediums that engage our customers and deliver strong results.”

Miranda Ray, Sales & Marketing Director, Go Jump In

We have transformed Go Jump Ins online advertising on Google and Facebook since we were introduced in January 2019. On Google, the previous agency had tracking issues and was spending an enormous amount of money which was quickly becoming a problem for Jump In and was not a viable investment. Whereas, the paid advertising on Facebook was extremely under-utilised. The platform was solely used as a brand-building activity rather than a source of income.

Our Google expert overhauled their advertising and the results showed extremely quickly. We reduced the amount spent whilst the ROI was growing at an exponential rate. Facebook also saw similar results. Our digital marketing team developed a strategy for each location with a specific target audience which we tested continuously. Facebook has achieved some amazing results, including a ROAS above 80 (on our most recent campaigns in August 2020).