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How we developed Jump In Trampoline Parks’ paid Google & Facebook ads & generated over £2,400,000!


To create and manage Instagram & Facebook ads, as well as Google ‘pay per click’ ads (PPC)

Hertfordshire based digital marketing agency Oyster was approached by nationwide trampoline park operator, Go Jump In, to create and manage ‘pay per click’ advertising (PPC) campaigns on Google, as well as paid Instagram and Facebook ads campaigns in early 2019 with the aim of increasing online sales.

When Oyster took over Jump In’s digital marketing account from a large London agency, we were informed that paid social media marketing had not been working at all and Jump In was unsure about whether to even continue with it. The client stated that for a campaign to be regarded as successful, the minimum return on ad spend a campaign should achieve was 2, however, to date their social media campaigns had not been achieving that. At Oyster we are up for a challenge so we persuaded them to give it another try. It was also evident that there were some issues with the current Google advertising – the tracking in place wasn’t robust and too much money was being wasted.


By rectifying tracking issues we could effectively monitor activities

We began by looking at Jump In’s Google and social media advertising activities afresh, firstly researching what the previous agency had done and then looking at audience targeting for each of their nine locations. We then developed a range of ads promoting different aspects of their service, such as birthday parties, general jump sessions and Toddler Time, as well as rectifying tracking issues on Google to ensure campaign results were being monitored and reported correctly. We then tested and tweaked activities on Google and social media each month in conjunction with the client, carefully analysing the results to increase our learning with the aim of maximising sales.


Google Analytics fix and segmentation

We identified that the previous agency had misconfigured Google Analytics so sales revenue and conversion data were being double counted.  This misleading data was being used to make critical business decisions so we helped liaise with the booking and payment gateway to fix this issue. It was also apparent that we needed to segment the results data into brand and non-brand to get a more accurate understanding of new customer acquisition costs.

Instagram & Facebook ads campaigns

The results of our first test campaign on Facebook and Instagram was deemed a success as it yielded an average return on ad spend of 3.21; an encouraging start, but we wanted to achieve much more. We continued refining the target audiences, testing new creative messages and developing split tests to prevent our ads bidding against each other, all the while carefully evaluating the results each month. By the following February the average return on ad spend had jumped to 37.42 across all nine sites, i.e. for every £100 they spend on media, £3,742 was being generated in online purchases, with some campaigns achieving a return on ad spend of over 70. By August 2020 the average return on adspend across all social media paid campaigns had increased to an incredible 71.92 for the month.

76 campaigns
88,079 link clicks
7,436,581 page impressions
22.08 average ROI
£612,891 sales

This was one of our great success stories in 2019.

Miranda Ray, Sales & Marketing Director, Go Jump In Limited


Google Ads

We have achieved similar success on Google. By looking at how Jump In’s budget was being spent on the platform initially and rectifying problems with tracking, we have significantly reduced the amount of money they were wasting and hugely improved the return on investment.

We are especially proud of the fact that Jump In highlighted the work we have done to turn around their digital marketing activities as one of their major marketing successes of the year. We are now looking to build on our success in 2020 and beyond and experiment with digital marketing on different platforms such as YouTube and TikTok.

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78 campaigns
389,000 link clicks
2,310,000 page impressions
31.5 average ROI
£1,790,000 sales

“We have worked with Oyster for 12 months on developing our social and PPC results to drive more direct sales into our parks. We started with a goal of £1 spend creates an ROI of £2. The results from team Oyster have by far exceeded these initial goals with recent overall results 16 times spend [Update: this figure was 71.92 in August 2020]. This was one of our great success stories in 2019. We continue to test, measure and learn from the campaigns and fully expect even greater results in 2020. This is without a doubt one of our top 2 marketing mediums that engage our customers and deliver strong results.”


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