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Consumer product launch: Introducing Clearblue’s revolutionary digital pregnancy test kit with a dazzling 1-Carat diamond giveaway


Consumer product launch – the UK’s first ever digital pregnancy test.

Clearblue is the world’s leading brand of pregnancy test kits, manufactured by Unipath. We were approached to orchestrate the launch of their new product – a pioneering digital pregnancy test kit. 

Our brief encompassed the product packing design and the development of a launch PR campaign and competition, supported by in-store point of sale displays (PoS).

We were subsequently briefed to design complementary packaging for Clearblue’s new digital ovulation test kits.


An eye-catching product launch, centred on a crystal-clear concept.

The range of printed collateral we created focused on the theme of ‘clarity’, which led us to come up with the core idea for the promotional competition – giving away a 1-carat diamond as the main prize. This formed the mainstay of the product launch activity. 

The competition was promoted widely in parenting press, as well as in-store with show cards, product mock-ups and posters. We also developed a digital campaign which ran on several parenting websites. 

To facilitate the product launch, additional materials including press briefing packs and a product photographic library were developed. A full merchandising campaign was also implemented across the UK with teams going in-store to set up the PoS materials and brief pharmacists.

Prior to the launch, we developed the product packaging design, which had to be sufficiently flexible since we went on to create packaging designs in nine other languages, ranging from German, Icelandic and French, to Russian, Arabic and Hebrew, all with different character counts.


A hard-hitting consumer product launch that cemented Clearblue’s market-leading position.

The competition proved extremely successful, generating several thousand entries and a significant amount of additional PR coverage, while the packaging design effectively communicated the benefits of Clearblue’s ground-breaking new product and supported the brand’s position as the world’s number one provider of pregnancy test kits.

The subsequent digital ovulation test kit packaging we designed perfectly complemented the pregnancy test packaging and ensured the product stood out in-store.

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