Animated explainer videos

Animated explainer videos bring your content to life!


To create animations that visualise charts, graphics, illustrations and any other elements that captivate audiences

Communicating data effectively has always presented a challenge. Static charts and graphs were once the mainstay for presenting data in printed materials and presentations. However, with the advancement of the internet and social media, content has become increasingly digital, opening up new possibilities for data communication through animation and animated elements. These dynamic elements can enhance data comprehension, engagement, and overall impact.


Animated explainer videos that catch the eye

Animating data empowers viewers to swiftly compare and absorb information. Complex messages can be distilled into easily recognisable visual elements. Shapes, colors, and illustrations should be brand-aligned and adhere to a clear, easy-to-follow structure, ensuring that infographics are effective and consistent with the brand’s overall marketing communications strategy.

Animation also enhances clarity and digestibility. Crucial information can be effectively highlighted, ensuring that key facts and figures are retained by the audience.

Infographics can be seamlessly created in Adobe Illustrator and then brought to life with Adobe After Effects. Audio effects, music, and narration can further enhance the engagement and impact of the infographic.


Strong, clear and effective communications that can be shared across multiple platforms

Oyster Studios has crafted a diverse portfolio of animated infographics and animated explainer videos for a wide range of clients. Each project is meticulously tailored to various screen sizes, ensuring seamless sharing across platforms like YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Our captivating animations have even commanded attention on large LCD screens at client exhibition stands.

Beyond their digital presence, these engaging infographics have served as the foundation for compelling presentations and impactful campaigns. Translated into French, German, and Italian, they have transcended linguistic barriers, fostering global engagement and elevating our clients’ profiles.

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